Our Customers.

See how MeCovery is empowering legal teams with the ability to provide better service, more visibility, and better insights into the details of a claim.

Enhancing Efficiency


“MeCovery is an outstanding tool for both the law firm and the clients. Improving the tracking of personal injury claims improves not just the fair compensation the injured party but greatly assists in the management of the file. This is a wonderful system which has already proven to increase efficiency, reduce paper and time.

Mark Sager, Founding Member and Senior Partner

Client Focused


“General practice management solutions are great but having a solution that helps us manage the idiosyncrasies of personal injury is exactly what we needed. What we didn’t expect with MeCovery was that it allowed us to be more attuned to our client’s need and set up notifications and reminders to keep them on track without adding additional resources to our overhead.

Del Feller, Senior Personal Injury Lawyer