About MeCovery.

MeCovery is about empowering legal teams and their clients with the best settlement options available.

We know how tough personal injury can be for legal teams and the people involved—we know, we’ve been there.

MeCovery is a collaboration platform connecting legal teams and their clients to ensure a successful settlement. As one of the first personal injury and claimant management solutions out there, we simplify the claims process by keeping both sides organized and up-to-date.

With MeCovery it’s easy to track and manage the key factors that affect a settlement, including: keeping track of receipts and expenses, appointments and court dates, and a personal injury tracker that helps a claimant update the progress of their injury on a daily basis.

Founded in 2015, MeCovery is headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and was founded by a group of technologists, legal experts and developers who have gone through the pains of a personal injury claim and thought “this can be done better!”

The Team

Jim Sced Founder

A creative entrepreneur, Jim has been building businesses and startups over the past 7 years. A technologist at heart, Jim built and successfully exited his own business, developed successful products and applications, and serves as a consultant for various businesses and projects. A few years ago, a personal injury and the ensuing claims process led Jim to conceptualize and create a digital solution to streamline personal injury claims—MeCovery.

Brady Dahmer Creative Director

A charismatic creator, innovator and strategist by nature, Brady is passionate about great storytelling through design and finds nothing more satisfying than discovering an elegant solution to a tough problem. Brady Currently runs The Central Branch - A Marketing Catalyst, Idea + Growth Accelerator for Innovative Companies.

Mark Sager Advisory Board, Director

Mark Sager is the founding member and senior partner of Sager LLP. He specializes in civil litigation for sectors such as municipal law, real estate, land development, shareholder disputes and personal injury cases. A highly experienced mediator, Mark regularly represents clients in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the Court of Appeal. Mark has also served as the Mayor of West Vancouver and Vice-Chair of Vancouver during his distinguished career.

Joseph Seo VP of Marketing

For the past 8 years, Joseph has been creating brand strategies for high-growth online technologies. He recently served as the Director of Marketing for Clio where he led the strategic marketing direction for the company's legal management solution. A seasoned digital marketer, creative thinker, technologist, and data scientists, Joseph resides in Vancouver with his family.


Corporate Address:
305 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC V6B 2N4